morning was boring as always on the Tuesday.
Hat class was fun and started a bit on a 2nd head.. well, actually the 3rd, but have to make the 2nd at home because I missed so much.
I finally have the stuff I needed for this class (I ordered from the teacher, but she couldn't give it to me earlier as I was gone for long). The box the stuff came in is so neat! it looks pretty and classy XD
I am looking forward to this weekend; trying to make a hat out of the felt I made c: .. I hope the felt is strong enough >////<

I got a list from Marjan for what to get for tomorrow but I don't know if have everything >//////<
I am always afraid I forget stuff and I stress like hell when I don't have something =____=''


But I have to eat dinner at this time -_________-|||
Veggie burger <3

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Because it was raining so much lately, the water in Hasselt became a bit high.. so, there was water in the school @w@
So my school is closed till Wednesday and got school again on Thursday... which is only a half day, and then I already have weekend e.e''
I'm lucky, haha XD So, I didn't have to say I was feeling sick~
As you might guess, I am enjoying my free days <3
At the moment am reading the yaoi "OTHELLO", which consists out of various small stories.
Anyway.. Am going.. maybe looking for more yaoi to read XD
Ehmm.. Do you recommend something? (Besides Junjou Romantica, OTHELLO, and PAPA to Kiss in the Dark.)

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Twice a Woman

I somehow have the feeling the lady of sewing class doesn't really like me e.e
Anyway, random..

On Tuesday we heard what the next hat will be what we're going to make.. we can choose the shape ourself, and it has to be a hat you'd wear yourself.. it has no certain theme so just something for fun.
It's made of felt that you have made yourself.
I already have it in mind with a lot of chains and ribbon and such.. So, I have no real limits to fashion if I wear something myself since I just wear what I want, extreme or not :P
So, the one I'll probably make is I think called "Chained Love" or something alike.. I can't remember what I called it XD And also made a sketch of one alike and called it "Jasmine You Tribute" or something XD  But I had him in mind while sketching it <3

Wednesday we started painting on silk! yay!.. I feel like 2 of my characters who paint on silk XD I don't want to write their full name but short and nickname is Xi and Sephy.
Even though it was just practice what we did, it was fun! I can't wait to do it more :D But next week my teacher is to India, so we'll get this lady who had been previous week to Japan XD
In Costume History, I sketched another outfit based on something of history (Greek and Roman this time, classic) And we had to draw this piece of paper, which contained a piece of art from a certain time. You have to guess which period that is, and write a paper about it, 4 - 10 pages. Also! You have to be creative with how you're going to give it, so not just a plain map with the paper in it e.e''
I think I drew the early middleages or early gothic.. I know gothic is part of the middleages but the middleages consists of 3 periods; early middleages, roman, and gothic. gothic also has early gothic <.< and saw a piece of art that reminded me of it.
Anyway.. blabla XD

Apperently Thursday was a holiday so had a 4 day long weekend e.e''

I don't feel that well today =__=|| n the morning, after eating a little bit, I suddenly felt nauseous and had whole time the feeling I had to throw up and such.
Nothing happened but my tummy bothered me all day <.< also had a headache which is fortunately over at the moment e.e

So, I think that's why I'll stay home tomorrow ><||
I sent a package yesterday, am glad that I finally sent it = v =''.. it took too long ><||


DX and my favorite Dutch writer died ;~; -only Dutch writer I like-.. It's Harry Mulisch T///////T He had cancer.. and was 83.. still >///////<
I loved his book "Twee Vrouwen" which had been made into the movie "Twice a Woman".. I should order it some time!!!


Silky Substance

Ah, apperently I got free today from school ov o''
It's a holiday in Belgium.. I seriously had no idea >//////<
Karel told me on msn about it, and said to me that I should check my schedual to see if I was free or not.. so.. I'm free 8D
It's getting  a bit late and I'm feeling very tired at the moment >/////<'' so.. I'll properly update soon!
Then I'll write about the things that happened.. not like it's important.. haha =)
I'm still reading your LJ! I'm just too lazy to update.. though.. it's mainly Kawaii-chan's that I read.. (I AM WATCHING YOU!!!! >D .. *coughs*)
I guess it's time to go to bed for me now =)

Things that keep me busy lately -obsessions-:
-Megumi Hayashibara (My favorite seiyuu, I'm listening to her songs a lot recently)
-Junjou Romantica (>////< I am busy reading the manga!)
-Teddy Bears (..Thanks to Junjou Romantica's Akihiko Usami..)
-Painting on silk.
-My characters.

I think I finally understand you, xi and sephy =)  <3 -will tell other time-

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Sorry that I didn't update for such a long time!
I didn't go to school on the 25th of October, because of my mother's birthday.
Next week I start school again: past week I have been able to enjoy a week holiday. It's called there "De Week Der Aller Heiligen" or something like that XD
Anyway, I bought today some stuff for silk painting next week Wednesday, but I still will have to get some stuff in Belgium Monday or Tuesday.
I finished today FINALLY my baret XD it's huge and heavy... it feels like a pillow too!! XD haha.. so, I suppose it has 2 functions.
I want to try to make a 'test' sailor hat... more like the shape of it... but am trying to think of how I can make it..

Even though stuff for painting on silk is rather expensive, I'm looking forward to it.. I'm so happy that the making felt is over now.. though I will have to do it at home to finish this bag and to make some stuff for a market =____=||| My hands feel horrible after having done it, few days later I can peel the skin of my hands, and it smells gross <.<''' sort of.. and it's one big wet bunch.

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CuppyCake Twins & PitchLight

I made an extra LJ, in case I'd sell something XD Also to keep that more updated when it comes to such..
Because this LJ is also personal, so it would look bit like a mess XD haha..
Anyway, sorry that my last entry was so long ^////////^ I was too lazy for a cut, and I have the feeling that everything seems extra long on this laptop because it's a mini XD

Anyway this is the LJ:
[info]cuppycake_twins .
Feel free to add or something, haha XD I'm quite fond of that userpic ;) .. XD

Oh, and check this out XD
It's PitchLight, a cover band.. the man on the right, with the long ponytail -brown hair- is mr. Jansen :D
He used to be my history and social studies teacher XD He won clash of the cover bands :D

I can't get the code thing to put the video here XDso that's why I put the link in there :)
Anyway.. bye bye for now ;D

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Dreams Come True Here

Monday was as usual, a bit boring and just practicing sewing all day.
But it turned out that Karel's sewing machine was broken.. it didn't want to zigzag anymore. I and Marjan tried to help, but we didn't know what was wrong with it. Then the teacher tried for a long time but she couldn't fix it as well o. o'' so he had to go back to the store.. I didn't expect that from a Singer XD but something can be wrong with every machine, no matter where its from.

Tuesday morning is always boring.. I don't like company class.
For hat-making class, I made a pattern for my baret.. Again, I had to change my design.. the teacher liked my cupcake baret sketch more, so I decided to combine that one with the one I wanted to do (Stars in The Sky).. So now it will be the Black Night Cupcake baret (= o =)b.. I hope it will turn out a bit well <.<|||
I made one from simple cotton, just to see how it would look like... IT'S HUGE!!! haha.. seriously.. even the rest of the class -who saw it- was like OMG BIG!!! Sigrid said she made a too small one and I made one too big <.<||.. which somehow slightly annoyed me XD I made it big on purpose for the "cupcake poof".. but because the cotton is very "soft", it looks rather deflated XD Can I help it hers is too small ;) -it didn't fit her head- Mom says the wool is more stiff, so that it will stay better it shape then :)
Also, in a break, Karel told me that on the first day of school he saw that I had a big orange aura around me o. o''.. while he said most usually have white or something alike .v.''
Was thinking: OMG! O. o you can see that?! .. XD I just said I had to remember that XD wanted to know what it meant <o<''

Wednesday we started on a scarf..
While in decoration of fabrics class, Karel had talked a long while with the teacher and had decided to quit. :(
I asked for his msn XD And I got it. Then there was a winking attack o. o
him: *Smile and wink*
me: *._.* .. *wink* .. *o. o*
him: *winks again*
me: ^////^'''
felt embarrassing somehow X'D was like why did I have to wink back D: (I know, it sounds odd <.<)
Usually at home, when we have visitors or when my brother LouLou is around, he or mom wink to me to times XD when I am all bored and just listening to someone talk. So, being it a habit, I wink back XD I suppose we do it for no reason.

Anyway! Fashion design class was fun.. I worked a bit on my skirt, which I have to ruin XD We had to choose a simple skirt, pants or blouse, and turn it into something totally new.. I hope it will work out >< I somehow already managed to make it bigger..
I was working on the biggest size doll thing in class X'D And you could even make it bigger and smaller! It was amusing but also nice because I could see everything on the skirt better :)
We also got a paper with dates of when we have to do certain things and of something important :) but will tell soon about that.
Later I was thinking of making a bolera out of a blouse to match the skirt >< I'm not sure yet..

Thursday was boring, and there's nothing to tell about that really :)

Later I was ofcourse happy to be home and now I am enjoying my weekend =//v//=
<.< ofcourse around 4 am, I had to fall asleep while talking and writing a story with cc on msn -_____-||| am often then like *closes eyes for a few seconds* -//v//- am still awake.. will open them soon.. few secs can't hurt.. *dozes off*
I woke up in total panic because my laptop was off and I didn't realize that nor knew that I had fallen asleep. So I was pissed when I noticed it was off and I turned it on again. Once I was on msn again, cc was offline -it was 20 to 30 minutes after she left XD-, I realized I had dozed off -____-|||
fortunately the laptop had saved what we were writing on <o<... hell, even what was on msn.. I think O.O
omg ku-cho, I love you <3 (Don't ask why <o<.. I decided to call it that.. I can't call it Bell anymore because CC and I decided to base characters and a story on our laptops,)

Anyway.. the important thing is!!!


I think on the 18th of June it will be =. =.. anyway :)
I'll have a fashion show then with school!! XD omg.. I will be showing what I made this year..
> - < I need to find people to show it for me.. Maybe Mini will do it.. with a bit luck, Tii's girlfriend too <.< but.. I wouldn't be comfortable with those 2..
I mean.. Mini isn't always very nice though she acts like she is.. That and she walks awful D: so unelegant and.. farmerish.. Don't know about Tii's girlfriend <.< but she doesn't exactly show she looks classy or something alike.. not mean meant o.o'' but I mean she doesn't seem fitting to show > - <''
I'm already dying when I think of my pieces shown on a catwalk X'D

Anyway, that was it for now :)
Bye Bye <3

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Going History

Ah, I absolutely adore her :D
She's my favorite seiyuu <3 and female Japanese singer :3
She was the first one I listened to XD I had no idea who she was..
All I knew was the short TV version, opening song of Shaman King.. XD
Over Soul <3
Anyway, this song is one of my favorites from her that I wanted to share :D